Universal Rolling Mill - Bühler VRW-400



Aron Ringel

Manager Research Group Flat & Long Products


+49 241 80 90122


Universal rolling mill VRW-400 Copyright: © Ahrens+Steinbach

The universal rolling mill Bühler VRW-400 allows rolling trials with cold and hot samples. It is possible to perform flat rolling experiments as well as calibre rolling, for the latter several different geometries are available at the institute. Generally, the rolling mill is used for research projects and feasibility studies with different materials. To achieve a deeper understanding of the process, it is possible to perform thermo-mechanically coupled simulations of the process.


  • Machine Type: 2-high Hot and Cold Rolling Mill; 4-high Cold Rolling Mill
  • Max. Rolling Force: up to 4.000 kN
  • Max. Torque: 65.000 Nm (at each roll)
  • Drive Power: 2 x 196 kW
  • Roll Bending Force: max. 630 kN
  • Positioning Speed: max. 15 mm/s
  • Work Rolls Diameter Quarto: 160 mm
  • Work Rolls Diameter Duo: 410 mm
  • Back-Up Rolls Diameter: 410 mm
  • Rolling Speed: max. 30 m/min
  • Max. Roll Gap: 140 mm
  • Width of the Sample: up to 350 mm
  • Rolling Temperature: RT bis 1250 °C
  • Accuracy Blank Mode: ± 50 µm
  • Automatic reversing Mode for Hot Rolling