Events and Seminars


ASK Metal Forming Conference

ASK Metal Forming Conference Eurogress Copyright: © Tim Kurth

October 26 & 27, 2022

The ASK Conference is an industry oriented conference with a more than thirty year tradition and it is hosted every three years by the Institute of Metalforming.
Besides the traditionally established plenary sessions and an interesting trade exhibition, selected topics related to new developments of metal forming processes, machinery, products and simulation techniques will be discussed in parallel sessions. This offers participants and exhibitors even more opportunities to gather information and to interact.



Forum Open-Die Forging

Open die forging press at work Copyright: © Martin Braun

March 23, 2022

The objective of the forum is to facilitate a technical exchange on open die forging and to intensify cooperation between the forging industry and research institutes. The exchange on current topics and challenges promotes development, innovation and education. more...


Forum Ringrolling

Produced ring at the transport form the machine Copyright: © Ahrens+Steinbach Projekte

March 24, 2022

The objective of the forum is to facilitate a technical exchange on ring rolling and to intensify the cooperation between industrial users of ring rolling and research institutes. The exchange on current topics and challenges promotes development, innovation and education. more...


Rolling of flat products

Stored cold-rolled coils with a diameter of more than 1 meter Copyright: © Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

The seminar will probably be offered in 2023.

The seminar "Walzen von Flachprodukten" is an annual event where the participants get a comprehensive insight into the rolling process chain, the associated processes and plants as well as models and calculation strategies. The seminar is aimed at employees involved in the design and optimization of rolling processes. more...


Forming Seminar

Illustration of gearwheel as component, simulation, annealing Copyright: © IBF

The seminar will probably be offered in 2022.

The seminar for forming techniques is an annual event, which introduces the possibilities and flexibility of different simulation methods for metal forming processes. The seminar is held in German and is dedicated to employees in quality or research divisions as well as operators who deal with product developing or forming questions. more...


Open-Die Forging Seminar

Open die forging of a hot steel ingot Copyright: © IBF

The seminar „Open-die forging – Seminar for foremen and technicians” is organized in cooperation with the VDEh- Open die forging committee and introduces the fundamentals of industrial open-die forging. The seminar is held in German and is mainly dedicated to foremen and technicians, but also to engineers, which are new in the field of open-die forging. more...


Hot and Cold Rolling Seminar

Close-up of the roll gap during hot rolling Copyright: © Ahrens+Steinbach Projekte

The seminar on hot and cold rolling offered by the IBF gives participants the opportunity to refresh and enhance the knowledge of basics of flat rolling.
During hands-on experiments, participants can gain experience at a rolling stand and can use fast calculation models for the layout of rolling schedules. Previous knowledge on rolling is desirable but not necessary. more...


Aachen Forming Forum

Man takes a red-hot workpiece from the furnace Copyright: © Ahrens+Steinbach Projekte

The VBF Supporting Association and the Institute of Metal Forming likes to welcome guests to the Aachener Umform-Forum 2020.
Current developments at the Institute will be presented in short talks. Visiting the experimental site offers the opportunity to find further information about other topics and systems in operation afterwards. Finally, the traditional annual “Stammtisch” in the Institute's courtyard will focus on the informal exchange of experiences between alumni and current employees and students.


Customer-Specific Training

Photo from a seminar Copyright: © IBF

Professional training is a decisive component for the competitiveness of modern companies. Our Institute offers several opportunities for training of smaller groups.

In close collaboration with interested partners, one- or multi-day trainings with different aims and scopes can be organized. Our central ambitions are to offer practical relevance as well as intensive training and personal mentoring.

Our employees use intensive teaching methods and good equipment to provide your colleagues or employees with comprehensive insight into the basics of the processes that are used in your company. You can benefit from the diversity of our research topics in that we can respond to your specific questions and requirements in customized training modules.

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Hirt