Services, Research & Development


Testing and Measuring

Hot Tensile Test Copyright: © IBF

The IBF offers a wide range of testing methods, which are used in research projects as well as for service.

The portfolio ranges from conventional tasks such as the determination of flow curves to in-house developed innovative test methods such as the Hot-Gas Bulge Test.



Process Simulation and Material Modelling

Ring Rolling in Experiment and Simulation Copyright: © IBF

The IBF carries out process simulations for a wide range of forming processes. Entire process chains can be simulated and effects on various scales can be taken into account.

The range extends from macroscopic effects, such as the component geometry to surface structures and the microstructure of the material.



Production and Experiments

Hot Rolling Copyright: © Ahrens+Steinbach Projekte

The extensive equipment of the IBF can be utilized for feasibility studies and production tests. Test series can be used for process design and optimization as well as for validation of simulation models.

In addition to test series, prototype and small series production of sheet metal parts and bulk metal parts is also possible.



Mechanical Workshop

Close-up picture of a milling process Copyright: © Ahrens+Steinbach Projekte

The institute has a well-equipped workshop. This is where specimens for the various testing methods and forming tools are manufactured. Moreover, devices, fixtures, testing equipment and apparatus are designed and built.

The equipment reaches from conventional lathes to CNC milling machines and a Water Jet Cutting System.