Working at IBF

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Together with our employees, we stand for excellent research and development in the field of established and innovative forming processes. In our six research groups we develop manufacturing processes, measurement procedures and planning methods. We cover a wide range of forming technology. Along the value chains from the material to the semi-finished products and the end product. On different scales, microscopic to macroscopic. And by using the most modern equipment with simulative as well as experimental methods.

The doctoral graduation at our Institute provides comprehensive personal and professional training and development. Our employees take responsibility for a great diversity of tasks and projects right from the beginning. The projects cover the entire range from fundamental research to application-oriented research and direct industrial cooperation. The areas of work include the acquisition, management and execution of projects as well as the investigation of scientific problems and support in teaching.


Career Opportunities

Employees testing materials of a turbine Copyright: © Peter Winandy

There are career opportunities for students and graduates.

For an initiative application as a student assistant or as a research assistant, you are welcome to let yourself be inspired by our research areas.

Current announcements for predefined jobs can be found under job vacancies.



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If you are interested in working as a student assistant, please contact the management of the respective research group directly.
Applications for employment as a research assistant
please send by or post to:

Herrn Prof. Dr.-Ing. G. Hirt
Institut für Bildsame Formgebung
Intzestraße 10
52056 Aachen


Berufsausbildung IBF

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The IBF is a qualified educational institution for the professions of industrial mechanics (precision equipment construction) and electronics (devices and systems).
You can find out how to start an apprenticeship at the IBF and how the application process works on the page Apprenticeship at RWTH-Aachen University. For questions about the job profile and the IBF, please contact our workshop manager.