Research Groups

Materials Testing

The materials testing group works on the determination of material properties and process boundary values, as well as the development of test methods.

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Materials Modelling

The Materials Modelling groups are working on all challenges that rise at the interface in between processes and materials.

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Flat & Long Products

The group investigates the forming of semi-finished products combining knowledge in machine technology, process layout and numerical methods. Photo: Ahrens+Steinbach Projekte

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Strip Casting

Twin-roll strip casting is an energy-efficient, near net shape manufacturing technology, which combines casting and rolling into one process step.

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Bulk Metal Forming

In the bulk metal forming group existing processes such as forging and ring rolling are expanded and optimized and new processes are developed. Photo: Martin Braun

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Sheet Metal Forming

The Sheet Metal Forming group focusses on the development and optimization of sheet metal forming processes. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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Cross-Sectional Topics

Digital Forming

Digital data processing is widely used in industrial manufacturing. Planning, design, control and regulation of forming processes also become more and more digital.

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Energy technology is an important research area in terms of sustainability. Products manufactured by forming technology also play a decisive role in this.

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Flexible Forming

Flexible forming processes allow for the adaptation and modification of the product geometry with little effort. They enable the economical production of prototypes and… Photo: Thilo Vogel

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Functional Surfaces

The surfaces of tools, semi-finished products and final goods play an essential role in fulfilling technical functions.

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Tailored Preforms

Examples for tailored preforms are sheets with weight-optimized thickness distribution, near net shape forming, semi-finished products made of a combination of different metals as well as…

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Tailored Testing

The development of new materials and processes may also require the use and further development of innovative testing technologies.

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Coupling of process conditions and material properties across several length scales enables simulative research and optimization of process chains.

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Joining Materials

The joining of different materials, in order to achieve tailored product properties, requires profound process and material knowledge.

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