Optical Strain Measuring System GOM ARGUS / ARAMIS

Left: Aramissystem, right: measured strain field of a bulgetest specimen Copyright: © IBF



Lena Koch

Academic Staff


+49 241 80-95849



At the Institute of Metal Forming, an ARAMIS-4M-System of the GOM company is used for the online measurement of strains in sheet metal tests. Thus, local strains in tensile tests, Nakajima tests or bulge tests can be obtained. In order to assign the measured strains to the measured forming forces, the ARAMIS system can also be coupled with force gauges of the testing machines.

ARGUS is used for the optical strain measurement of metal sheets after the deformation. Thereto, measurement grids are printed onto sheets by a marking laser. After forming of the marked sheets, a camera shots pictures of the formed sheets at various positions. Finally, these pictures are evaluated by the ARGUS software to determine strain quantities e.g. major strain, minor strain or thickness reduction.

The ARAMIS data as well as the ARGUS data can be used for the validation of forming simulations.


  • Standard measuring volume: 10 mm x 7 mm up to 3450 mm x 2500 mm
  • Camera resolution: 2400 x 1728 pixel
  • Maximum frame rate: 168 Hz (full camera resolution) up to 1334 Hz (picture section)
  • Exposure time: 0,1 ms up to 2 s
  • Strain measuring range: 0,02 % up to >100 %
  • Strain measuring accuracy: up to 0,01 %