Alternating Bending Tester

  Test stand for bending loads Copyright: © IBF



Annemarie Heiser

Academic Staff


+49 241 80-95944



Various forming processes apply an alternating bending load to the workpiece. Such changes in the load direction make the consideration of the material behavior under low cyclic loading necessary. With the test rig at IBF, materials can be tested under alternating loads. The test rig offers the possibility to apply unidirectional as well as cyclic bending. A flexible tool enables a fast variation of bending radius and the distance of the bending dies. The material data such as elastic modulus and isotropic/kinematic hardening constants can be derived from an inverse simulation using the measured machine data of bending force and displacement.


  • Flexible design for:
    • Bending cyclic test
    • Tensile/compressive load
  • Max. Force ±5 kN (tension / compression)
  • Max. speed 4 mm/s
  • LabVIEW control