Testing and Measuring

Hot Tensile Test Copyright: © IBF



Tobias Teeuwen

Manager Materials Testing Laboratory


+49 241 80-98118



Bulk Materials Testing

Tensile test, compression test, torsion test Copyright: © IBF

The focus of the material testing at the IBF is the destructive testing under tension, compression, bending and torsion. Besides the execution of standardized and non-standardized tests, the IBF also develops new testing methods and devices e.g. hot gas bulge test.



Sheet Metal Testing

Strain distribution of tensile test specimen and cross-die Copyright: © IBF

For process-oriented material characterization and validation of forming simulations, the IBF offers a wide range of sheet metal testing methods.



Determination of Boundary Conditions

Strategy: Multi-stage concept for determination of boundary conditions Copyright: © IBF

For the determination of the process boundary conditions, a multi-stage concept was developed at the Institute of Metal Forming. This concept ensures the distinct determination of the single parameters. The corresponding boundary conditions such as emissivity factor, heat transfer coefficient and friction coefficient are determined by using an inverse FEA calculation.



Physical Process Simulation

Heated steel specimen in plastometer Copyright: © IBF

The physical process simulation at the Institute of Metal Forming is mainly performed using the forming dilatometer DIL805 and the torsion plastometer STD812. With respect to temperature and forming history, the corresponding technological process conditions are reproduced on laboratory scale. This involves a combination of forming and heat treatment, or just the exploitation of simple physical processes.



Optical Measurement

Optical measurement of a component Copyright: © IBF

The Institute of Metal Forming has a wide range of modern optical measuring equipment at its disposal, which enables it to perform a variety of tasks in the field of material characterization, component analysis and machine monitoring.



Calibration Tests for Microstructure Models

Comparison of grain size during simulation and practical experiments Copyright: © IBF

Final product properties are mainly determined by the microstructure of the material after forming and, if necessary, a subsequent heat treatment. In order to consider the microstructure evolution in forming simulations, the IBF offers several tests to characterize individual aspects of microstructure changes.