VBF - Supporting Association

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Purpose of the Association

According to the association's statutes, the association promotes teaching, research and technology transfer in the field of metal forming technology and supports in particular the "Institut für Bildsame Formgebung" of RWTH Aachen with activities for:

  • Profile development in research and teaching
  • Improvement of studies and teaching conditions
  • Strengthening relations with business and politics
  • Establishment and management of an alumni network
  • Training and promotion of team building for IBF employees


  • Organisation of the annual forming forum at the IBF
  • Maintaining the alumni network
  • Award for improvement suggestions at the IBF
  • Support of student excursions
  • Support of IBF conferences and seminars
  • Training initiatives
  • Support of research projects


Everyone who is interested in the goals of the association for professional or personal reasons and wants to support the work of the association is welcome. Information on membership fees and a Membership declaration can be found in the top right-hand corner as downloads.


The association was founded on 6. March 2006 by 8 founding members with the approval of a statutes and the election of the board members. On June 20, 2006, the non-profit association was registered at Aachen Local Court with the association number 73 VR4343. Today the association has 80 personal members, mainly alumni from the IBF and 8 company members.