Research Groups and Topics

Ring Rolling in experiment and simulation © Copyright: IBF

The IBF research groups deal with a wide scope of metal forming, from materials to semi-finished and finished products. Microscopic to macroscopic. Modelling and experiments.

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Cross-Sectional Topics

Digital Process Planing of Incremental Sheet Metal Forming © Copyright: Ahrens+Steinbach Projekte

The IBF addresses many innovative and interdisciplinary topics that are not always strictly assigned to one research group. These cross-sectional topics allow a different perspective on our research.

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Services, Research & Development

Annealed steel sheet in hot gas bulge test © Copyright: IBF

We use our knowledge and equipment to offer you tailored services and bilateral research projects.

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Main Buildings of IBF

Intzestr. 10 RWTH Navigator

52072 Aachen

WorkPhone: +49 241 80 95922

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Forum Open-Die Forging

On February 27, 2024 the IBF invites you to the Aachen Forum Open-Die Forging.
Photo: Martin Braun

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Forum Ringrolling

On February 28, 2024 the IBF invites you to the Aachen Forum Ringrolling.
Photo: Ahrens+Steinbach Projekte

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