Initial experimental and numerical investigations into all class of new strategies for single point incremental sheet forming (SPIF)

Bucharest / The Publ. House of the Romanian Acad. (2005) [Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]

Proceedings of the 8th ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, 'ESAFORM 2005', 27th - 29th April 2005, Cluj-Napoca, Romania / Organised by: Research Centre in Sheet Metal Forming CERTETA, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. [Ed.: Dorel Banabic]. - Vol. 2
Page(s): 671-674


Selected Authors

Bambach, Markus
Hirt, Gerhard
Ames, Jochen Peter
Azaouzi, M.
Batoz, J. L.

Other Authors

Campagne, L.