Forging Center



Niklas Reinisch

Manager Research Group Bulk Metal Forming


+49 241 80 97624


Forging Center at IBF Copyright: © IBF

The forging center at IBF consists of a hydraulic forging press by SMS Group GmbH and a 6-axis heavy-duty forging robot by GLAMA Maschinenbau GmbH. The forging center is mainly used for research in the field of industrial open-die forging, where the current research topics are focusing on the near-net shape forging of complex geometries and the process modelling in open-die forging. Besides these research projects the open-die forging press is also available for experimental investigations and services in the field of open- and closed-die forging. For this purpose, various tool setups for different geometries are available.


  • Max. force: 630 tons
  • Max. press velocity: 100 mm/s
  • Repetition accuracy: 0,1 mm
  • Max. stroke: 600 mm
  • Robot: max. lifting weight approx. 300 kg
  • Ingot measurements: Cross section: 70 - 260 mm round resp. 70 - 225 mm square
  • Moving range: 300° and 1800 mm resp. 800 mm (horizontal / vertical)
  • Measuring equipment (Stroke, Force, Velocity, Temperature, Axis position)
  • Gas furnace up to 1200 °C (Volume: 1540 x 900 x700 mm³)
  • Electric furnace up to 1200 °C (Volume: 1450 x 400 x 400 mm³)