Cold Rolling Mill - Walze 86



Dorothea Czempas

Academic Staff


+49 241 80 92957


Roll stand and control desk of the cold rolling mill Copyright: © Ahrens+Steinbach

The four-high cold rolling mill can be used for strip and sheet rolling. The roll adjustment occurs automatically by an integrated closed-loop-control, which measures the thickness of the exiting strip as well as the rolling force. Thereby a strip thickness precision of ± 20 µm can be reached. Furthermore, adjusted strip tension, selected roll camber and a roll bending compensation can control the strip flatness. Additionally, the rolling mill features an emulsion installation with a volume flow of up to 1200 m/min.


  • Max. rolling force: 2.800 kN
  • Max. strip width: 400 mm
  • Max. rolling speed: 23,5 m/min
  • Working roll diameter: 150 mm
  • Max. coil diameter : 1450 mm
  • Variable strip tension force up to 100 kN