Sheet Metal Inspection



Daniel Petrell

Manager Research Group Materials Testing


+49 241 80 95872


Strain distribution of tensile test specimen and cross-die Copyright: IBF

For process-oriented material characterization and validation of forming simulations, the IBF offers a wide range of sheet metal testing methods.

In addition to the equipment for uniaxial tensile tests and shear tensile tests, the IBF also has test facilities for the determination of forming limit curves with the Nakajima test and the Hot-Gas-Bulgetest. Moreover, cross-die tests, Marciniak tests and other cup drawing tests can be carried out.

A video extensometer as well as the ARGUS system and the ARAMIS-4M system from GOM are available for strain measurements.

Options for Sheet Metal Testing at IBF

  • Uniaxial tensile test
  • Shear tensile test
  • Nakajima test
  • Hot-Gas-Bulgetest
  • Cross-die test
  • Marciniak test
  • Deep-drawing test