Microstructure Models



Jürgen Nietsch

Academic Staff


+49 241 80 95908


Comparison of grain size during simulation and practical experiments Copyright: IBF

Final product properties are mainly determined by the microstructure of the material after forming and, if necessary, a subsequent heat treatment. In order to consider the microstructure evolution in forming simulations, the IBF offers several tests to characterize individual aspects of microstructure changes. Static recrystallization is investigated via stress relaxation experiments on the institute's forming dilatometer. Dynamic recrystallization is characterized by isothermal cylinder compression tests on the servohydraulic testing machine - Servotest. Finally, various furnaces with a maximum temperature of up to 1,500° C are available for grain growth experiments.

Calibration Tests for Microstructure Models

  • Dynamic recrystallization (cylindrical compression test)
  • Static recrystallization (stress relaxation test, annealing tests)
  • Grain growth (annealing tests)